The England Swings Show TODAY : September 12, 2010 - England Swings - The BEST music from the UK

The England Swings show TODAY : September 12, 2010

One of the great privileges of the England Swings show is the fact that we frequently are contacted by bands in the UK looking for a wider audience for their music. We've played several of these in the past, and today we're proud to present a track by a band from Jarrow named Lost Legions. Here's hoping this will gain them much-deserved recognition!  . . . and British bands? Send us your music and we'll be happy to play it!

The England Swings show is on the air every Sunday, presenting the best, brightest, newest, and coolest music from the United Kingdom. We can be found at 6:00 p.m. ET (that's 11:00 or even 2300 in the UK) :

In Northern Virginia : Cox and Verizon digital cable channels 37 and 837
In Reston, Virginia : Comcast channel 27
Anywhere else in the world : (there's a new webpage at this location - just look for the "stream radio" button!)

In addition to the above, we'll also have new tracks from the Manic Street Preachers, the Ting Tings, and Monarchy, and we'll play some older tunes by Spooky Tooth, Elvis Costello, and Billie Anthony!

Our usual features : 

Fab Four Freakout : The Beatles do . . . Bob Dylan?!
UK Music News : Winner of the Mercury Prize announced!
Top 5 Countdown : the best-selling songs in England today, with a new number one!

Tune in tonight at 6:00 for a couple of hours of merriment and celebration of British music!

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