The England Swings Show TODAY : February 13, 2011 - England Swings - The BEST music from the UK
Every Sunday is a special Sunday on the England Swings Show, as we play tracks you will not hear anywhere else. That's right, it's the best, brightest, newest, and coolest music from the United Kingdom!

And this week promises to be great : just look at all the things we'll fit in : 

- A tribute to the late guitarist Gary Moore

- New tunes from Glasvegas, PJ Harvey, the Streets . . . 

- Older songs from King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and M . . . 

- The Fab Four Freakout, featuring the Beatles

- UK Music News

- Top 5 Countdown : did that new Lady Gaga song make it into the top 5 . . . ? Maybe . . . 

All of this and more this evening on the England Swings show. We begin at 6:00 p.m. ET : 

In Northern Virginia : Cox and Verizon digital cable channel 37
In Reston, Virginia : Comcast channel 27
Anywhere else in the world :

It's free-form, eclectic radio at its best . . . tonight!

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