It's that time again, when the England Swings show brings you the best, brightest, newest, and coolest music from the United Kingdom! Each week, we pick old and new songs indicative of the British music scene, and 'cast them to you live from Fairfax, Virginia on Fairfax Radio. This week, we've got new songs (Iron Maiden! Manic Street Preachers! Robyn!) and old songs (Nick Lowe! Robert Palmer! Sandie Shaw!), as well as our usual features : The Fab Four Freakout : The Beatles, this week featuring one of their demos for Decca Records in 1962. UK Music News : Festival tragedy in Europe. Top 5 Countdown : the top songs in the UK TODAY, with a new number one! You can hear the England Swings show at 6:00 p.m. ET : In Northern Virginia : Cox and Verizon digital cable channels 37 and 837 In Reston, Virginia : Comcast channel 27 Anywhere else in the world : Tune in today!

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