Would it be too hyperbolic to describe today's show as SPECTACULAR? Maybe. 

But I don't think so! We've got such wonderful stuff going on today, you've GOT to tune in and appreciated it all with us. 

For example : 

- A track from the debut album of the late, lamented Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

- TWO unsigned groups that have sent us great music - 
      - Clockwise, from Toronto, Canada
      - Hexachord Hex from Newcastle, UK
        . . . and they're both REALLY good!

- The Klaxons. Scouting For Girls. Fran Healy!

- The Fab Four Freakout, which can actually be described as the Fab ONE Freakout for today, as we'll be honoring John Lennon

- UK Music News : digital album sales in the UK pass 50 million!

- Top 5 Countdown : the best selling songs in the UK TODAY, with a new number one!

- Donovan! Enough said!

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